Make your product launch pop 🚀

Increase sign-ups via gamified referrals. 5 minutes to setup. No code required


Simple setup

Ready to go in 5 minutes

No code required - works with website builders

Just copy and paste a code snippet into your favorite website builder like Squarespace, Webflow or Wix

Or you can also install in React via npm

Use the Referlist npm package in your React app

Let your users sell your products


Your users join

Your visitors share their email on your website and join your Referalist waitlist


They share with their friends

They see their position in the waitlist and a unique referral link that they can share with their friends


They move up the list when their friends join

Every time a friend joins with their referral link, they move up the waitlist. You promise them early access or rewards based on their position

Create your waitlist

Everything you'll need to manage your waitlist

Customize the look and feel of your waitlist page and track the viral growth of referrals

Screen Shot 2019-11-22 at 4.32.32 PM.png

Take your users with you

Export sign-ups via CSV or Mailchimp

See a demo

Join a demo waitlist for our own site to see what yours could look like


Free for small waitlists. Only pay when you scale


Get started for free 😊

  • See and export up to 100 signups per waitlist
  • We'll still let users sign up and share beyond the first 100. You just can't see them


You might be on to something 📈

$20/ mo
  • View and export up to 500 signups
  • Customize look and feel of waitlist
  • No "Powered by Referlist" watermark


Your product is on 🔥

$50/ month
  • Unlimited signups
  • Customize look and feel of waitlist
  • Seed your waitlist so it's not empty at launch
  • No "Powered by Referlist" watermark

Ready to launch?

Set up your waitlist in 5 minutes